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With the recent increase in Covid-19 cases in our county and state, there has been an executive order issued by Gov. Greg Abbott to make facial masks mandatory in public settings. One of the notable exceptions is “places of worship.” While not requiring masks to be worn, it is strongly encouraged. Local, city and health officials have also promoted the wearing of face coverings.

In a “town hall” style meeting held on June 28, we asked for your input. The majority of responses indicated that most of our members appreciated and supported what we were doing to address the Covid-19 issue by staying proactive for people’s health but also balanced.

Below are the “bullet-point” actions we have taken.

  • Two worship services 9:30 and 11:00 am (11:00 am service has more room for social distancing).
  • Social distancing encouraged.
  • Hand sanitizing stations at all entrance and exits.
  • Worship area sanitized between services.
  • Facial masks optional.
  • Radio/online services for anyone who does not feel comfortable in attending in-person services.
  • Zoom or Free Conference Call service available for LIFEtime meetings.
Truthfully, most of the people who come to Oak Street have not felt the need to wear a face covering. However, the recent spike in Covid-19 cases has changed the mindset of some. Because we want to honor the request of our governing officials, wearing facial covering to Oak Street is encouraged. The rule of thumb at Oak Street has been to use God-given wisdom (common sense) and prayerfully follow your personal convictions
without judging or criticizing others.
If you want or need to not attend our in-person worship services,
please join us via KLBY 100.5 FM radio or online at or Whatever your decision, keep Jesus Christ as the Lord of your life and know that you are loved by Him and by us. God is in control and we trust Him in any and every situation.
Lord bless you each and all.
Oak Street Baptist Church Staff and Elders