Knox Bishop

Currently teaching through
the book of Revelation.

Christopher Gibson

Currently answering hard questions
with Biblical truths.

Loyall Watkins

Discussion follows the
sermon of the day.

Jimmy Moreno

Teaching through the 
book of First Samuel.

Alex Cisneros

Currently studying Genesis,
meeting on ZOOM at 8:30am.

Evan Mortenson

Currently doing a study of
the book of Daniel.

Judy Hutto

Presently doing a study on
Scriptures on angels

Monte Johnston

A study by Kathleen Edelman
called “I Said This You Heard That”.

Travis Kunkel

Verse by verse study through the book of Job.

Jonathan Thomas

Currently studying the Gospel of John.

Vincent & Kristina Martin

A married couples class focused on building Christ-honoring marriages.

Sid Paulson

Currently doing an in-depth
study of II Corinthians.