Loyall Watkins

Worship Center Room 1
Discussion follows the
sermon of the day.

Knox Bishop

Worship Center Room 2
Bible centered studies with fun and enlightening fellowship. Currently studying Revelation.

Judy Hutto

Worship Center Room 3
Presently doing a study called 
"Courageous" by Robert Jeffries.

Travis Kunkel

Worship Center, Room 4
Verse by verse study through the book of Revelation.

Jonathan Thomas

Annex Room 1
Currently studying the Gospel of John.

Christopher Gibson

Annex Room 2
Currently answering hard questions
with Biblical truths.

Vincent & Kristina Martin

Annex Room 3
Currently studying Paul's letters.

Kelly & Christy Lanham

ODCS Administration Bldg.
Currently in a study by J.D. Greer on Ephesians.

Evan Mortenson

Conference Room, Education Bldg.
"The Truth Project", a video series on having a Biblical worldview.

Sid Paulson

Grove Street House, Room 3
Currently doing an in-depth
study of II Corinthians.

Alex Cisneros

8:00AM, Annex Room 1
Currently studying Genesis.

Men/Steve Goodwin

8:00AM, Worship Center Room 4
Studying Philemon and then going through the New Testament.

Oak Street Campus Map

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